High value domestic properties are commonly targeted by criminals making it vital to protect your home with a comprehensive security system. Your collaborative security system should deter criminals as well as effectively detect their presence; it is important to remember that crime prevention is more effective than detection.

Prevention as a Priority

Here at Close Link Security we specialise in residential security for high value homes and have years of experience in providing bespoke domestic security solutions. We use an extensive range of security features to ensure that your home is fully protected and is not left vulnerable at any point. The security features available for domestic security include:

–    Intruder Alarms
–    Alarm Monitoring
–    CCTV
–    Security Doors
–    Remote Access Controls

This is only a handful of the features available to protect your home and here at Close Link Security our extensive experience enables us to offer valuable advice about which features would be the most suitable for your home.

Tailor Made Security Systems

At Close Link Security we believe that when it comes to security, ‘one size fits all’ simply doesn’t apply. Your family and your home have unique needs that should be catered to specifically with bespoke security. Our security consultants work closely with you to understand your needs and provide the best possible solution to meet your individual requirements.

For more information about our residential security services please browse our website or contact us directly; our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.