At Banham Close Link Security we offer comprehensive Remote CCTV and Alarm Monitoring services. This involves our experienced controllers monitoring your CCTV once an alarm system has been set, at predetermined times or when motion or other sensors are activated.

CCTV Offers More than Detection and Capture Benefits

Many people are often under the impression that CCTV systems are beneficial primarily for identification and capture purposes as CCTV footage is highly valued as evidence in a court of law. This would mean that CCTV systems are only useful after a crime has occurred.

However, our Remote CCTV and Alarm Monitoring services offer considerably more than this as the sophisticated technology enables advanced deterrent and prevention capabilities.

Security Lighting and Intercom Technology

Visible cameras have often been considered a deterrent to criminals; however, our CCTV Monitoring service has enabled us to enhance the preventative capabilities through the use of security lighting and intercom technology.

If an intruder is detected, security lights can be remotely activated and the CCTV Operator can communicate directly to the intruder via an integrated speaker system and make them aware that they are being observed and that the authorities have been notified of their unauthorised presence.

The advanced capabilities of our Remote CCTV and Alarm Monitoring services ensure that your property is fully protected with a comprehensive and collaborative security system.

As well as remote CCTV and Alarm Monitoring, we also offer due diligence services and complete security systems for both domestic and corporate clients all to the usual high Banham standard you have come to expect. If you would like more information about the services available, please visit our website or contact us directly on 0207 8193766.