Your home should be a place to spend time with your family, relax and enjoy some down time after returning from a hectic day at work. It’s important, therefore, that you and your family feel protected and safe in your home. Here at Close Link we take your home security requirements seriously and offer our private clients unobtrusive, advanced and collaborative security systems to provide the highest level of security for high value homes.

Proven Technology

High value homes will often draw unwanted criminal attention but our comprehensive security systems provide reliable protection for your property. Our experienced engineers have developed a range of systems that can be tailored to your specific requirements; securing your premises and fully protecting your family.

An advanced domestic security system including alarm monitoring gives you the peace of mind that should an intruder attempt to enter your property the authorities will be alerted immediately.

Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Anyone that has fallen victim to a burglary will tell you that it is the invasion of privacy and the following sense of vulnerability that is the most devastating aspect of a home intrusion crime.

Here at Close Link we understand the need for a detailed security system to secure a high value property and we’ll take care of everything from the design to the installation of your system. We specialise in intruder alarm systems in London, across the UK and internationally and we fully understand the complex needs of our private clients.

If you would like more information about our comprehensive security systems or corporate security solutions, then please do not hesitate to browse our website or contact us via phone or through our simple and easy to use contact form.