At Banham Close Link Security we provide a range of security services for private and corporate clients as well as quality Due Diligence services. Our services ensure you are fully informed of all existing or potential risks prior to completing a significant business transaction, investment, acquisition or merger.

In such a financially hostile market, it is essential that all corporate projects and ventures are considered and as a result, you will require as much information as possible.

Our investigative expertise means we are able to cover a number of areas with regards to a subject’s history including:

–    Civil litigation
–    Criminal reports
–    Credit reports
–    Business affiliations
–    Corporate checks
–    Copyrights
–    Patents

We operate worldwide and are able to look into many other areas that can affect our client’s interests. At Banham Close Link Security our reporting practices are fully comprehensive for your convenience and will always comply with all relevant laws and legislation.

For further information on our high quality security services for domestic or corporate purposes, please  browse through our site. Alternatively, you can contact us on 020 78193766 or via email on