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Due Diligence

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We offer an extensive range of Due Diligence services for our corporate clients. These services ensure that you are fully aware of and understand potential risks before entering into a joint venture, merger, acquisition or a significant financial or investment transaction.

At Close Link Security we pride ourselves on ensuring that we fully cover all aspects of a subject’s background. Our in-depth research includes but is not limited to:

The recent developments in technology are heavily reflected in our practices and we also carry out searches in online media including:

Our experience and expertise in this area ensures that our clients’ interests are protected at all times and that all relevant information is available in order to manage and minimise risk.

We are not limited geographically, and can provide these services globally with trusted resources in the most remote areas, where reliance upon human intelligence reports are necessary. Our reporting procedures are compiled in accordance with the country of origin’s civil procedures and are suitable for presentation to respective courts of law.

Close Link Security Providing Due Diligence Services

Close Link Security are a London based company but are able to operate on global level for all Due Diligence services. For more information about our Due Diligence services please contact us on 020 7819 3766, via email on or through our online enquiry form.